A variety of official Kirby-related comics has been released, which have all been drawn by Japanese artists (mangaka). Therefore they also fall under the term “manga”, which is used for Japanese comics outside Japan (in Japan, manga is the word for comics in general, regardless of their origin). Up to today, new comics, manga or whatever you want to call them starring Kirby come out in Japan. In contrast, only a small portion of Kirby comics has been released outside Japan.

In some cases one might not believe on first glance that those comics have been officially licensed, since certain contents don't really fit into the innocent Kirby world. So it might happen that Kirby smokes, curses or pretends to be gay - in case of the latter, some characters might be really that way...

Now here's an overview of all the comics I'm aware of. Detailed descriptions are currently only found at the German version of Kirbytraum.

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