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Advent Calendar DE

Kirby with Christmas hat Poppy Jr. in Christmas outfit In 2010, a Kirby Advent Calendar appeared here for the first time, and for each of the following years, one was planned, too. Unfortunately, because of multiple phases of inactivity of Kirbytraum, that didnít happen. But this year, 2015, shall be different. And like in 2010, it is up to you to create the content! Send me your works, be it a drawing, photo, story, game or what else, the conditions are almost the same as those for the usual Interactive section. But with an additional requirement: The work not only has to do with the Kirby series, but also with Advent, Christmas or at least the winter. In the end, 24 surprises should have been gathered. An artist may also send multiple works.

As there were not enough contributions for 24 doors in 2010, there was one surprise for every Advent instead - and additionally, one for Christmas Eve. Of course, the Advent Calendar 2010 is still available, just click on one of the burning Advent candles to reveal its secret!

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